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By Holland Cotter

Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art
26 Wooster Street, near Grand Street, SoHo
Through March 16

“Queer Threads: Crafting Identity and Community” takes you places that you and your sewing never thought to go. The exhibition’s organizer, John Chaich, an independent curator, posits fiber art as the ideal lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender medium, it being feminine-masculine, high-low and, at least in the context of this judiciously racy show, naughty-nice.

For starters, there’s quite a bit of history, some of it art history. A 1950s needlepoint image of two nude, lounging men, by Allen Porter, brings Paul Cadmus and pre-Stonewall days to mind. And a free-hanging 2013 black macramé piece by the South African artist Pierre Fouché turns a figure from a Dutch Mannerist painting into a contemporary political protester.

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