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By Raquel Glusman
Curator: Gabriela Urtiaga
MOLAA  (Museum of LatinAmerican Art)
628 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90802 United States
(562) 437-1689

(from march 17th – August 4th, 2019)


Chiachio & Giannone are Leo Chiachio and Daniel Giannone, a duet of talented and atypical Latin-American artists, undertaking a collaborative project approach dissolving their individual names, techniques and personalities into a communal one.

Their textile art work, is widely known and exhibited in galleries, biennales and museums around the world.

Chiachio&Giannone live and work together in Buenos Aires.

Both trained in painting and concluded later to transfer their skills into other disciplines. Textile is the one they are better known for.

Art stands as a chosen means to motivate and take part in political discourse through visual elements rather than phrases when referring to stigmatization of women, new family models, and gay-lesbian issues.

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY is a project in progress at MOLAA (Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach), incorporating the voices of people keen to contribute honoring artists belonging to the LGTBIQ community in the US and mostly in California.

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY is an extensive participatory installation by Chiachio & Giannone, and the public attending the exhibit.

Textile mosaic, embroidery and dip-dyed (in situ) are excellent techniques for manufacturing pieces within a limited frame of time to complete the project, with collective donation and cooperation.

Artists and participants will iron pieces on an inmense canvas.

Squares of gummed cloth transformed into a flag, while people perform creative tasks and write from the bottom of their hearts, promoting a dynamic discussion.

Chiachio & Giannone and the public will continue their work on the making of a giant rainbow flag, until it gets ready to take off the museum and into the Pride Parade Day (Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Pedro).

“It is highly remarkable that people offer their belongings, something they have used, and enjoyed. At the end clothes are about a statement. You choose something to dress up, and handing them over to create a banner, is also what the flag of pride is about. An expression conveying visibility, generosity, friendship, love.”

It is not merely about art, but an account and a perception of belonging.

“We rather recycle materials previously owned, favoring work with our scraps and groups of individuals with whom we share a vision of the world”

Chiachio & Giannone will display dyed clothes, sheets, pillowcases on a table, at MOLAA’s (Museum of Latin American Art” converted galleries in order to open spaces and promoting  people’s participation.

The creation of finally entangled pieces turning into a  gigantic Flag of Pride, the longest and widest ever (30 feet wide, x 100 feet long) will be honored at LA PRIDE PARADE, PRIDE ON THE PORT PARADE IN SAN PEDRO AND LONG BEACH PRIDE FESTIVAL. Displayed, and ready to pull out of MOLAA on each ocassion.

The exhibition transformed into an exchange of individual and collective desires challenging the construction of history  and making way for new identities.

Drop by MOLAA and work with Chiachio & Giannone on the Pride Flag. Please come and  help raise awareness of the issues currently facing the LGBTQ community.


Enjoy writing, cutting, dying, stitching..…everything will do. Share your message about diversity!

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