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“Celebrating Diversity” at LA Art Show. DIVERSEart section. Los Angeles, USA

MOLAA Pride arrives at the L.A. Art Show.

A whole lot of Pride is arriving at the L.A. Art Show.

Latin American artists Chiachio & Giannone will debut their Museum of Latin American Art exhibition, “MOLAA Pride,” at the annual art gathering in the City of Angels.

The exhibition is composed of messages from over 3,500 people — residents of the Los Angeles and Long Beach, Calif., areas — who were asked to reflect on the meaning of diversity and how it should be celebrated and lived.

Over the course of three months, panels with the written responses were then sewn together by the artists into a 120-foot-long rainbow textile installation that debuted at Long Beach Pride in 2019. It was created under the curatorial direction of Gabriela Urtiaga.

“To present the flag at the L.A. Art Show together with MOLAA is very important for us since more people will see the message and read what the community has written about Diversity,” said Chiachio & Giannone in a statement. “And as Latin American artists from the LGBTIQ+ community, it is also important to receive this fundamental support from institutions, such as museums, that promote these type of project. To live in Diversity, celebrating Diversity.”

Learn more at and see a preview of the exhibition below.  #AdvocateMag

DIVERSEart LA curated by Marisa Caicholo

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